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H Design 1

1 1 1 Home Information Perfect for first- home buyers, young couples or small families! The beauty of the H1 design is it has been created to be easily and cost-effectively added to when time is right. Home Dimensions 17m x 8.4m = 142.8m2 Click on plans to

the Richardson

2 2 1 Home Information HOME WITH AN OFFICE – The Richardson allows owners to be able to have an office setup within the home whilst being separate at the same time. This design is perfect for a home business allowing privacy and space. Home Dimensions 15.5m x 8.4m =

the Lindsay MK1

3 1 1 Home Information Modern Living! This 3 bedroom design is likely to please everyone. This home features indoor/outdoor living areas for the whole family that can be extended to with additional verandah. Home Dimensions 12.80m x 8.00m = 102.4m2 Click on floor plans to print

Kingston Urban Facade

3 2 0 Home Information OPEN PLAN HOME – Step into this open plan, spacious home built with families in mind or those looking for extra room. Affordable and modern design. Home Dimensions 17m x 8.4m = 142.8m2 Click on plans to print Kingston

H Design Courtyard

3 2 0 Home Information NEED MORE SPACE - Courtyard design offers a modern style with separate wings to offer more space for families and entertaining. Home Dimensions 13.5m wide x 17m long= 196m2 Click on plans to print Recent Work- Courtyard Design

H Design 2

4 2 2 Home Information Contemporary design offering layouts that not only look great, but offer functionality and simplicity! The H Design is created to give you options for linking modules together and creating a home that works for you. As a result, down the track as you need more space, you’ll