Dual Occupancy Dwellings

Double your blocks value

A Dual Occupancy development is described as two dwellings on one block of land. These dwellings provide significant benefits to the owner through achieving the highest and best use of their location and land, ultimately resulting in a higher return on investment whether that be through increased rental returns, equity gains or greater flexibility for themselves and their family.

 Hunter Valley Homes Dual Occupancy service offers a detached home on one block of land but does not include a secondary dwelling. A secondary dwelling can typically only be approx. 60m² but a dual occupancy dwelling can be bigger.

There are many advantages to a dual occupancy build, owners] have the ability to sub-divide the property and sell it completely or partially, keep one and rent the second dwelling out, or rent out both for additional income or space for the whole family to stay.

Dual Occupancy builds are a process that needs to be assessed by council, however Hunter Valley Homes will work with you and town planners to ensure that your home is designed in the most cost-effective way and will give you your desired end result.

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