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Hunter Valley Homes are easy to work with. The team are lovely and very helpful. My house is absolutely lovely, I love it.

Belinda – Macintyre Elite – July 2017

Excellent service, very professional and extremely happy with the finished product, excellent home. Stoked with the service from Office Staff, Contractors to Foreman. Everyone  very easy to deal with and very professional.

Corey – Murchison Ensuite – June 2017

This was my first experience with a modular fabricated home and I could not be more pleased with the process.

From the colour selection session and drafting through to the final product the team could not be more willing to assist.

At first when I looked at the price I could not believe how much value for money is packed into the end product. And the end product is sensational!

The lead foreman on the job, is one of the most professional builders I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He was easy to get hold of on the phone, if I ever had questions he was patient and knowledgeable in terms of the build process. He was also thorough and demanded perfect finishes from all the trades involved. He exceeded the expectations I had of the building element and I am truly grateful for his expertise.

As a female with a property portfolio, I have had experiences with building companies, which sometimes respond to me as a “female” client, rather than just a client. It is a sad but true reality in most places but NOT Hunter Valley Homes. The office is full of amazing staff and were always prompt and efficient in their responses to both phone calls and emails.

I cannot recommend Hunter Valley Homes highly enough and am happy to provide referrals directly to HVH to all prospective home builders.

Melissa – MacIntyre Ensuite  – October 2018

Everything was quick and pretty well hassle free I would definitely recommend you guys to others.

Simon – MacIntyre Design – December 2018

Very happy with Hunter Valley Homes and the new home we got.

Kristy – Hawksbury Design – January 2019

Love our new home. HVH very helpful with everything to do with our construction.

Dianna and Kevin – Kingston Rural Façade Design – February 2019

A fabulous experience from start to finish.

Tanya – The Natalie Modified – February 2019

To all at Hunter Valley Homes,

We are beyond elated! Our home has arrived!

Everything on our home is exactly how our minds had pictured it and had hoped for! Every colour, every tile, our kitchen, everything!

We cannot describe enough in any words how very grateful we both are to all of you.

When it arrived on the trucks, we were so overjoyed that I bawled my eyes out…. I had some tears of joy for a few days after too lol!

One of the main things that we were so grateful for, is that everything your staff told us, was actually the truth. You guys promised and you delivered exactly what you said you would…. thank you. That is very rare these days!

It was honestly the quickest, most stress free and cost effective way to get a new home and all the hard work that would normally exist in building, was on your shoulders, not ours.

We have had a truly horrible last 10 years and our faith in trusting anyone was wearing extremely thin, however we trusted you with our biggest ever decision and biggest expense, and you guys exceeded our expectations.

We now have our home that will very soon be overflowing with joy, comfort, safety, love and laughter… and lots of memories. We would not have been able to achieve that with such ease, without using your company… so again thank you to each of you for all your hard work and coordination.

Appreciation and gratitude to all of you!

Keep doing what you’re doing!

T & J – Clients from Hunter Valley NSW – March 2019

Great Service.

Tony – Derwent Front Entry – March 2019

Very happy with the service from Hunter Valley Homes, especially Amelia, Toni & Matt. Couldn’t be more excited with the outcome. Thank you.

Karen – MacIntyre Design – April 2019

Very happy with my new home. the staff at Hunter Valley Homes were great, nothing was too much trouble.

Robyn – MacIntyre Design – May 2019

Would highly recommend Hunter Valley Homes to do business with, lovely people

Barry and Zira – MacIntyre Design – June 2019

We would and ”have” recommend Hunter Valley Homes to others

Maggie and Bill- Shoalhaven MK 2– June 2019

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