Why Modular?

Designed with you in mind

We want to make homes that inspire. We don’t want to make your traditional kit home and granny flat. We build designer homes that provide our customer with a unique look.

As an added service we can work with you to engage renowned Kevin Snell Architect FAIA NSW Registration 3784

to assist you in designing your forever home.

Land today. Build tomorrow

We build our homes off site and transport them to where they need to be. There’s no waiting around for trades and materials. If your new home location is clear and good to go then we’re ready whenever you are.

Flexible designs for a flexible life

If you love where you live but your family is changing, we’ve got you covered. Our modular system allows for you to expand your home if, and when, you need it whilst still maintaining all the key design features you want.

Easy on the eye and the environment

Building our homes in a factory controlled location allows for a more environmentally friendly home. We have less materials wastage as well as less air and noise pollution. As we move into the future, we’re experimenting further with sustainable materials.