Hunter Valley Modular Homes is shaped by people who are passionate about the delivery of transportable modular homes, building design, and innovation. We have been building quality modular homes throughout New South Wales for over 25 years and in this time, we have become an industry leader.

Our modern and innovative style of construction allows us to customise homes, build on most sites and adhere to most budgets. Our transportable homes are constructed at our factory on the Central Coast, which is managed by our experienced team. We build in one, two, three or more modules and transport them to the site, allowing us to build in a controlled environment. This ensures that cost and time delays are minimised compared to your average builder.

Our experienced sales team allows us the ability to change plans, incorporate design ideas and adhere to all relevant conditions for every home.

All of our homes are built to relevant National Construction Codes and Australian Standards ensuring that we are only providing the upmost quality to our work

Premium Designs

HVH designer homes are a cost effective solution to site specific design work done by an architect

Designer homes in rural environments

Sustainable designer homes – no concrete, not disturbing the land

Ability to work functionally with the site

Ability to work in with all lifestyles


Standard Designs

Cost effective way to build a home

Time efficient building

Traditional designs suit rural landscapes



Encompass a range of modern facades and open-plan living to suit the growing family

Suite of options for indoor and outdoor living, design customisation, and luxury upgrades

Time efficient building