Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hunter Valley Modular Homes comply with bushfire regulations?

Hunter Valley Modular Homes can build in and bushfire rated zones including flame zone. Hunter Valley Modular Homes is also well suited to building in flood areas due to the flexibility in design of our foundation system

Do your homes suit sloping sites?

Yes. We’ve installed many homes on sloping sites using a range of footing systems. Our design process ensures that any slope on your site is given careful consideration.

Can I modify a pre-designed home?

All of our homes are fully customizable, we can modify any existing floor plan to suit our customers

Can I create a custom design?

Our homes are fully customisable, our pre-designed homes can be used as a base template to create an entirely new home.

Is there a range of finishes to choose from?

We have a wide selection of materials and finishes to choose from within our standard, gold and platinum inclusions.

Do you have standard inclusions?

We have standard inclusions, but also offer gold and platinum upgrade packages.

Do you include heating and cooling?

We don’t including heating and cooling in our base product, but do offer split-systems, ceiling fans, underfloor ducting, etc.

Do you consider landscaping in the design?

We are happy to work directly with customers or their selected landscaping business in creating a landscape to complement our homes, but we dont do any landscape design in house. The only exception to this would be our homes that are designed in a “C” or “U” shape that, via design, create an internal courtyard type area.

Do you build modular duplexes?

We have existing single and double storey designs that work for duplex sites.

Can I add more modules to my home in the future?

Modules can be added to any home at any time. It is best if the initial structure is designed with this in mind, but if not we can still work with the customer to come to a solution.

Do you do extensions?

We have various solutions for extensions, including façade-matching modules which butt-up to your existing home, or adding a breezeway passage between the existing dwelling and new modules for a faster install and more elegant on-site install.

Do you build kit homes?

We don't build kit homes, although we get asked if we do every day.

Do you complete the connection of services?

Typically HVMH will provide a move-in ready home, including all connections to services, providing a complete solution for our customers.

Do I need to hire a local builder to complete the process, or do you take care of this?

HVMH completes the entire build from start to finish including approvals.

Do you build on a concrete slab?

We don't build our homes on slabs, our foundations are a system of concrete footings and piers, with the underside is essentially a steel deck with a house built on top.

Where are HVH modules made?

We build our homes on the central coast in a factory location.

Can I install solar?

Any of our homes can be adapted to install solar panels

Where do you build?

HVMH builds in most locations in NSW, as well as certain interstate locations in QLD and Canberra upon inspection request. Our delivery vehicles are quite large and require site inspection to confirm access suitability. We also offer a “Build on Site” alternative where we build the majority of the home on site, as opposed to in factory.

Is there a size limit on transport?

Currently our modules can each be a maximum of 17.5m in length x 5.5m in width x 3.8m in height.

Does HVH service remote locations?

We currently service most locations in NSW, as well as certain interstate locations in QLD and Canberra upon inspection request. Our base prices include 100km of delivery from our Heatherbrae office, but we commonly build outside of that radius including in remote areas.

How do I know if I can get a modular home onto my property?

HVMH will do a desktop inspection of the site followed by a site inspection by one of our team to assess property access.

Do you have a display home?

HVMH has a display site featuring three of our home designs. We are located at 2 Kingston Parade, Heatherbrae.

Does the site need to be prepared?

One of the benefits of modular homes is that there is little site preparation needed. Our typical install only requires small concrete footings to be excavated and poured, the desired piering system installed over top, for the home to be delivered on top of.