What’s the process when building a modular home?

Understanding the process of building a modular home may assist your decision in choosing a modular home over a standard build.


Understanding the process of building a modular home may assist your decision in choosing a modular home over a standard build. The biggest difference is most modular homes are built in a factory and transported to your land but they also have the capabilities of building on site. The modular homes process takes place in 10 easy steps.

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Step 1-Do your research

If you are unfamiliar with modular homes, the first step is to do your research. Call, email, or drop in to our display homes in Heatherbrae to speak directly to one of the sales staff who can set you on the right path. This is a great opportunity to look at some of our designs on offer or talk about a custom designed option.

Step 2- Organise a site inspection

Once you have spoken to our sales staff, a site investigation will be required to ensure that an accurate quote can be given. We need to ensure that access is easily obtainable and if anything is going to obstruct or hold up the building process. The site could also determine the design and what is achievable.

Step 3- Design consultation

You may have some ideas of what you would like your home to look like or you may have no ideas and are happy to look at our range of designs. This is the step where the magic happens. Designing your home is the exciting part and our sales consultants and onsite draftsman are on hand to discuss all possible options. You may like one of our designs but would like to customize it to suit your living style. This is all possible when you sit down with our onsite draftsman.

Step 4- Project estimate & quote acceptance

After the initial consultation, design consultation, and site inspection has occurred, a detailed quote can be put together based on your unique vision, chosen design, and site requirements. Any changes to the design during the process or upgrades may add an additional cost to your quote. Once you’re happy with the design and inclusions of your new modular home, we can sign the paperwork once your deposit is paid and start bringing your dream home to life.

Step 5- Plans are drawn up

Once the quote is accepted, surveys will be obtained and detailed plans are done. Our team will complete all applications and reports, ready to submit.

Step 6- Colour Consultation

This is the opportunity to meet with one of our friendly team to choose your new modular home colour palette for your internal and external finishes. You will have the opportunity to see the home in 3D for the first time and check out the options for fixtures and fittings in our colour room.

Step 7- Council Approval

At this stage, the final plans are submitted to council for approval. This can take between 8-12 weeks on average. (NB: Hunter Valley Modular Homes have no control over how long the council process takes. The stated time of 8 to 12 weeks is an estimate only and depending on council workload and requirement, this could take longer.)

Step 8- Contracts are signed

Once finance has been secured and all the details of your build are confirmed and ready, contracts can be signed.

Step 9-  Building work commences

Now everything has been signed off, we can get started building your dream home.
The majority of your build will take place in our factory limiting interruptions from bad weather or site issues. Whilst the home is being built offsite, work can also continue with site preparation so everything is ready to go when the home is ready to be delivered. This usually takes around 10 weeks in the factory plus an additional 5 weeks on-site with full installation.

Step 10-  Home Installation

When the build and final checks have been completed, it’s time to transport your finished home on a truck to the site and install it on your block. Full installation and connections of services can take up to 5 weeks after delivery. Once this is complete, you are ready to move into your new modular home and enjoy.

The 10 step process is really as simple as it looks and is definitely a benefit of choosing a modular home over a standard build. If there are any hurdles during the process, our sales staff will be there with you every step of the way to sort it out.